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Smoodys fruit company


Oranges, Bananas,

Rocket Smoothie

Full of a mix of nutrients from oranges and bananas, with an injection of lime and ginger. This will give you that kick that will rocket you into a different planet. A planet full of happiness and joy.


Sunny Smoothie

A nice pool of tasty mangoes and bananas.that will bring sunshine into your day. Just pure goodness.

Oranges, Bananas.


A blend of juicy pineapples,oranges with bananas, enough to bring some sparkle into your day.

Just water H2O.


Carefully processed water using a high- tech platform 11no. stage of reverse osmosis from a 150m deep borehole, captured in a beautifully crafted flexible pouch, which is easy to carry and also good for your wonderful body and pocket.

About us

Created in London in 2006, The Smoodyfruit® Company is the brainchild of a fruit-loving vegetarian with a passion for juicing and industrial design. Frustrated by the inefficient smoothie makers available on the market, which took too much space, time and still needed other gadgets, he invented the Fruit Texture Synchroniser.

Synchroniser in hand, he set up the Smoodyfruit® Company and set off to put his invention to the test at music festivals. People liked the machine, but they liked our smoothies even more. Customers spoke and we listened, and so we began this journey to make our just fruit Smoothies.

As you would expect from a Vegetarian, our passion for fruit has no limits. That means you won't find hidden sugars & sweeteners of any kind in any of our smoothies. Most importantly, none of our smoothies are made from concentrate, so what you see in Smoodyfruit® is really only what you get. Our smoothies wouldn't be what they are without the Farmers that grow our fruit.

We at Smoodyfruit® believe in putting our money where our mouth is, so you can rest assured that everyone involved in making our smoothies appear in your basket, from our staff to our Suppliers and Distributors to the Farmer, earns what is rightly theirs and no less. Nobody wants charity, just what is ethically his or hers.

Yes we set out to do smoothies, but we discovered such amazing range of fruit and vegetables, and this has inspired us to increase our range of products with the same passion, but yet again,we think of our Farmers and obviously a fair pricing structure in mind is our priority.
We are keen to launch our tapioca range of flour in the next few months.

We hope this Smoodyfruit® culture we are trying to share with you, will change the face of Africa and the World by empowering society, one smoothie at a time. it is simple, we buy high-quality fruits from our Farmers, pay them a decent price, and then our Customers get a great product for a good price. Farmers have more money in their pockets, we make Customers happy and then we are happy. Everybody wins.


Why should I want to distribute smoodyfruit® smoothies?

We are passionate about smoothies and passionate about fruit. Unlike 99% of other fruit beverages, such as juices, currently available in the market, ours are not made of concentrate, nor do they include flavourings, or hidden sugars. Smoodyfruit® is tasty, healthy, easy to drink on the go and affordable. We believe that beautifully made products should be available for all.

How do I become a distributor?

We believe in developing business relationships for the long term, so we suggest you drop us a line at distribution@smoodyfruit.com, introducing yourself, your current business and the areas (i.e. States, Cities, local governments, etc.) you hope to cover. We would then invite you over for a chat, take you round our Factory, and hope you like what you see.

How does the Distribution process work?

After the chat we would then register you into our database, and you would be given a unique Vendor number. You can of course start ordering immediately but please be aware, because Smoodyfruit® is a young manufacturing outfit, we have a very strict pay and pick-up policy, which is non-negotiable at this point in time.

Get in touch with us to know about our latest activities.

Don't worry! we don't send spam mails, believe and support us!

Giving back

We believe in giving back which means when we buy fruits from our Farmers, we offer them fair prices, so they can be justly rewarded for the fruits of their labour. We aim to satisfy all parties involved in the retail cycle right from the Suppliers/Farmers, through to our dedicated Staff, and finally to our Customers. We aim to offer the best price for the fruit we buy, so that we add value to society. We want our Farmers to be happy and provide us with good products which in the end benefits the final user.

We encourage our Staff to be Stakeholders, and hopefully at some point after a show of commitment,they can break away and become a Distributor or even become a Shareholder in another Sister factory. Over the next few months, you will be seeing changes in the way Farmers sell their produce. Please look forward to our new Fruit exchange, a hub for the sale of fruit at local prices, that will empower both Farmers and buyers.

We hope our Smoodyfruit® culture can make the World a better place, one step at a time.