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Mung Beans Protein is one of the best plant-based sources of protein in nature, rich in essential amino acids, antioxidants and fibre, helps reduce blood pressure levels, and it is a good source of resistant starch. Boabab, or the Tree of Life, bears a fruit by the same name that is high in iron, vitamin C,  fibre, calcium and the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit. It reduces the feeling of hunger and helps control your blood sugar levels.



Mung Beans Protein is one of the best plant-based sources of protein in nature, rich in essential amino acids, antioxidants and fibre, helps reduce blood pressure levels, and it is a good source of resistant starch. Moringa, the Miracle Tree, is one of the most nutrient-dense foods: it has 4 times more calcium than milk, double the protein and triple the potassium than a banana, 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges, it is high in iron, antioxidants, vitamin B6 and lowers cholesterol level.

Cassava Flour

Gluten-free Premium Cassava Flour

Gluten-free, Paleo-friendly flour made from high-quality cassava tubers. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Simply replace regular flour 1 to 1 to make delicious cakes, biscuits, pancakes, white sauce, the list is endless!

plantain flour


Naturally gluten-free & grain-free flour made from unripe, green plantains, Paleo-friendly and the best source of resistant starch found in any food. Higher in fiber and lower in calories than regular flour.

Oranges, Bananas, Ginger.

Rocket Smoothie

Full of a mix of nutrients from oranges and bananas, with an injection of lime and ginger. This will give you that kick that will rocket you into a different planet. A planet full of happiness and joy.

Mangoes, Bananas.

Sunny Smoothie

A nice pool of tasty mangoes and bananas.that will bring sunshine into your day. Just pure goodness.



Carefully processed water using a high- tech platform having a good alkaline base, and crafted into a flexible pouch which uses 75% less material than you conventional PET bottle format.



A unique volume is this genre, which is beautifully crafted to cradle a 14no stage processed volume of purified water. We are proud to offer this product to the world.

About us


The Smoodyfruit™ Company was born out of the love for all things veggie & fruity, one sunny day in the year 2006 in London, United Kingdom.

Prince, aka Mr Veggie, decided that he had had enough bad smoothie makers to last him a lifetime. And since he is not one to complain needlessly, decided to do something about it and design his own machines.

Several machines later and too many smoothies to count, Amelia, aka Ms  Omnivore, suggested launching our own range of smoothies. And what better place to start making them than Western Africa where there is an over abundance of tropical fruits. Turns out, Western Africa has plenty of naturally gluten-free flours too.

And so, The Smoodyfruit™ Company was born as we know it today.


We buy directly from our African farmers, so we can afford to pay them what they rightly deserve and make an impact to the local economy, creating more employment opportunities and giving a platform to Africa’s best kept secrets. We firmly believe in making a difference and doing it in a way that neither harms people nor animals.

We have been lucky enough to live here for 9 years, during which time we have discovered many naturally gluten free flours that have been traditionally part of the local diet, and which remain unknown to the outside world.

Join us on our journey of discovery: Gluten Free Mother Africa awaits you.


What is Cassava?

Cassava is a root vegetable found in Africa, Asia & South America, also known as Manihot esculenta. It is naturally gluten, grain and nut free, has a low glycemic index, helps ease inflammation and it is low both in fat and calories.


What is the difference between Cassava Flour and Tapioca Flour?

Cassava Flour is made out of the whole root, which is peeled, baked, and milled into flour.

For Tapioca Flour, on the other hand, the cassava root is washed, ground to a pulp and the starch extracted out of the wet pulp. Tapioca flour is purely starch.

Is Smoodyfruit’s Cassava Flour gluten free?

Oh, yes! Want to know why we are so sure? Because we test every single batch we make, for your piece of mind as well as ours. That is on top of milling our Cassava flour in a gluten free environment.


Is Smoodyfruit’s Cassava Flour a good source of Resistant Starch?

You bet it is! Our cassava is baked and cooled which in turn accelerates the production of Resistant Starch. So, if you want to keep your colon happy look no further.

Is Smoodyfruit’s Cassava Flour Non-GMO?

Most definitely!


Is Smoodyfruit’s Cassava Flour vegan?

Very happy to say it is!


Is Smoodyfruit’s Cassava Flour organic?

We do not have the organic certification yet, but all our farmers employ traditional African farming methods that avoid the use of pesticides.

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Giving back

We believe in giving back which means when we buy fruits from our Farmers, we offer them fair prices, so they can be justly rewarded for the fruits of their labour. We aim to satisfy all parties involved in the retail cycle right from the Suppliers/Farmers, through to our dedicated Staff, and finally to our Customers. We aim to offer the best price for the fruit we buy, so that we add value to society. We want our Farmers to be happy and provide us with good products which in the end benefits the final user.

We encourage our Staff to be Stakeholders, and hopefully at some point after a show of commitment,they can break away and become a Distributor or even become a Shareholder in another Sister factory. Over the next few months, you will be seeing changes in the way Farmers sell their produce. Please look forward to our new Fruit exchange, a hub for the sale of fruit at local prices, that will empower both Farmers and buyers.

We hope our Smoodyfruit® culture can make the World a better place, one step at a time.